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5 Things You Should Know About Your Child’s Learning Disability

Remember school days. We couldn’t wait for Summer vacation. Though it is filled with lots of fun, we can’t forget to brush up on our reading skills. Summer learning loss contributes to a gap in achievement during the school year. Making sure your child reads during the summer can prevent this.


Children’s reading success is based on three factors:


  • The important role it plays in the home.
  • The amount of time spent reading.
  • The use of appropriate reading materials.


Think about it. Effective reading skills are necessary for success in life. Reading exposure leads to life-long readers and a high quality summer reading program improves school success during the upcoming school year.

The research suggests children who have been enrolled in a reading program during the summer months have a greater increase in standardized test scores than those who do not.


Summer Reading Programs


Jersey Shore Learning Center’s Summer Reading Programs are designed to improve student’s reading ability through structured reading instruction targeting phonemic awareness, phonetic analysis, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

Your child will learn to read independently and will develop the skills and confidence to make reading a big success.

  • Grades PreK – 2: phonics; sight words; words and simple sentences; word attack; comprehension; read independently.
  • Grade 3: long word decoding; fluency; comprehension.
  • Grade 4: fluency; comprehension; read textbooks and non-fiction; double reading speed.
  • Grades 5-8: read textbooks and non-fiction; comprehension; double reading speed.