Orton-Gillingham Training

The Dyslexic Iceberg

Only a portion of an iceberg can be seen on the outside. The rest is hidden on the inside.

A dyslexic child is smart.
A dyslexic child is intuitive.
A dyslexic child is creative.
A dyslexic child is kind.
A dyslexic child is friendly.


All of these traits can be seen.


A dyslexic child can’t see the page without distortion.
A dyslexic child has a low level of self esteem.
A dyslexic child has a hard time focusing.
A dyslexic child has difficulty getting information into working memory.


All of these traits can NOT be seen.


Inside an iceberg is a fortress. Inside the mind of a dyslexic child is a tower of strength!

  • Albert Einstein
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Steven Spielberg


All dyslexic! All brilliant!

An excellent reading tutor must recognize how your child’s brain works. The instructor must observe their intelligence and creativity. Most importantly, they must understand their distortions, lack of self-confidence, inability to focus and weak working memory. Your professional reading tutor’s passion should lie in changing the distortions into clarity; low self-esteem into confidence, lack of focus into concentration and weak working memory into understanding. We bring out their strengths!