Orton-Gillingham Training

Learning and Daily Challenges Can be Overcome With Confidence

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale
Positive Messages Make a Difference! We do our best to build confidence in our students by always being positive!
We assure each student:


It’s OK to be human. No one is perfect. If you feel like you have lost, pick yourself back up and try again.


Alex’s experience is an appropriate example. His first session was difficult. He refused to learn the sound pattern being taught to him. His attitude was, “I won’t” because “I can’t.” Why? He was scared! He did not have confidence in himself! Gradually Alex learned, “I can!” Not only can Alex read words with the oa pattern, the one he refused to learn in the first session, but Alex reads multi-syllable words. His fluency is right on target. Alex is on the road to success!

Many successful people fail at first. Guess how many attempts Thomas Edison made before creating the light bulb? (3,000) He is not a failure. Thomas Edison is brilliant, just like you!


An example of this would be our friend Anthony’s experience. Anthony cried during his first session. He was impossible to teach. He did not have any confidence. As time went on Anthony was able to learn his sounds, blend those sounds into words, read sentences, read stories and comprehend what he read. His mother was ecstatic when she informed us Anthony was taken out of extra help in reading in school and is going to remain in the classroom. Anthony is on the road to success! Anthony has confidence in himself!!!


Every failure can teach us something important. If you ask any adult in your life if they learned from their failures you are guaranteed to get the answer, “Yes.”


Our friend Isabella could not HEAR the sounds. She had perfect hearing, but her brain wouldn’t process what she was hearing. Learning the difference between the vowel sounds was daunting for her. With perseverance, Isabella has closed the learning gap. She is able to read grade level books, comprehend what she reads and LOVES TO READ! Isabella is now a life-long and successful reader!

Every negative has a positive side. You just need to look for it.


Success involves taking risks and working hard.


Chris arrived at our Center gripping his mother’s leg. He was in pre-school and having some difficulty. We began with the letter sounds using our multi-sensory approach to teaching. Chris can write and read 3 letter words now. He’s getting ready to begin Kindergarten with confidence!!! Just look at that smile!

The only people that experience failure are the ones that give up. Can you believe Tom Brady was the backup player in his first three years of college. What would have happened if he gave up?

You can achieve anything you want to achieve!!!