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5 Ways to Know If Your Child Has a Learning Disability

If you want your children to become good learners and set them up for ultimate success in the future, one important thing you should be doing is reading with them. With your busy schedule, you might want to leave all things related to reading and learning to the teachers, but it is good to know that you can give your children many things that the classrooms cannot give. This article looks at five benefits of reading with your children.


They Gain More Knowledge


Schools work on a tight schedule and teachers only have a few minutes to give out knowledge to their students. This means that a lot is left out and your children only manage to grasp very little. By reading with your child, you help them absorb more knowledge, which they can use currently and even in the future. For instance, reading to toddlers and babies prepares them for school, meaning they will have a good head start over other students.

In addition to this, reading with your children provides them with the skills they require when they start reading by themselves. Simple skills like following words on a page and turning pages can be of much benefit to your children later on in life. Children that read with their parents not only do better in language, but also in other subjects.


They Become Confident and Less Anxious


Reading with your child about different milestones or challenges that they meet in life helps reduce their anxiety. For instance, reading a book about losing a pet or going to school helps your child become more prepared for the new experience. You should easily find such books but if you are not able to do that, consider making your own customized book about certain life events. For example, you can create a simple photo book of the school your son or daughter will be joining. This will make him or her feel confident and ready to get started when that time comes.


They Develop Language Skills


Although you engage in conversations with your children on a regular basis, the vocabulary you use is usually repetitive and limited. Reading with your child exposes them to new vocabulary on distinct topics, meaning they will have access to new words and phrases that they do not often hear on a daily basis. The more vocabulary they have, the better placed they will be when communicating. For those children that speak different languages, reading is a good way to develop their language skills and boost their communicating fluency. These are crucial skills that should make you want to read with your children.


Their Concentration is Enhanced


You may think that it is useless to read with a child that just wants to turn pages, or throw books around, but going through different books with your child is of utmost importance at this stage.

By reading with your child on a daily basis, he/she will learn to focus for a long time, which is an important attribute that they will need when they go to school. It will give them the boost they need to improve their early reading skills.


It Prepares them for Future Success


Reading with your child on a daily basis might not seem fruitful at first. However, you should not quit doing it because it prepares your child for ultimate success in the future. Reading together helps develop your child’s communication skills, which they will need in business, work, relationships, and other aspects of life. In addition to this, children that love to read often stay in school longer than those that do not.

There is a direct relationship between reading with a child and his/her future IQ. With more knowledge and experience in different topics, your kid will most likely have a bright future. You should thus make it a daily habit to read with your child because it is one of the best things to do to your child.

The importance of reading and learning in young children cannot be emphasized enough. It is your role, as a parent, to make frequent reading a major priority. Research shows that children that read with their parents at home have a larger vocabulary than those that only go to class. From this study, it turns out that reading with your child is beneficial to them. Not only does it enhance your child’s vocabulary, but also helps them grasp different topics. Furthermore, it increases the bond between you and your child.