Orton-Gillingham Training

Watch this video! Working on reading fluency with students with learning disabilities

2nd grader reads Our Magic Treehouse The Dinosaurs Before Dark, let’s see how well you read. What a fantastic job!



Once a student can recognize letters and their sounds, it is time for them to read.

Reading comes naturally to some students. Other students need to learn to read FLUENTLY by teaching to their strengths, in this case, that creative right brain.

A student who is dyslexic, has an auditory processing deficit, ADD/ADHD or has a specific learning disability does not necessarily SEE the text as a left brain learner does. The text may be blurry or be moving and the student may have difficulty reading left to right or tracking to the next line. This will interfere with their ability to read fluently.

Once our students learn the letter/sound associations and pattern/sound associations through a multisensory approach to teaching, the distortions they would normally have will not occur. Their working memory, the computer of the brain, is filled with the necessary skills needed to be a proficient reader.

In the video, the student is reading with automaticity and fluency using word recognition skills that were taught to him. The distortions have been alleviated. The students at Jersey Shore Learning Center are taught to their strengths. By teaching them the way that they LEARN, our students “RIDE THE WAVE TO SUCCESS!”