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“I Don’t Like School!” Does this sound familiar?

There is nothing more frustrating for a parent. We can change this to, “I like school!”

When a child enters the classroom, they bring many strengths. Those strengths must be used. If not, your child will NOT like school. Some children have strengths that don’t respond to traditional teaching. They need to be taught non-traditionally. How do we do this? We teach to their right brain.

We use imagery to teach them. This brings out meaning, creativity, intuition, imagination – all of their strengths.

All of a sudden a light bulb goes off. They begin to smile. They begin to like school.

Let’s take a walk into your child’s mind. It is full of vision: vision of a sound, vision of a word, vision of a story. They don’t want to hear “a/apple/a.” They don’t want to know the who, what, when, where, why of a story. They want to see, hear, touch, smell what they are learning.

Let’s take another walk into your child’s mind. It is full of curiosity. When your child begins to walk, they are curious. They want to explore everything around them. That is how a right brain learner thinks.

“My teacher told us to read a story and answer questions. We were given 15 minutes to complete the questions. “I couldn’t finish in time.” Sound familiar?

The reason why: One of the questions asked; “What happened to the note that Little Miss Lucy put into the bottle and threw out to sea?” LOGICAL answer: The note was washed to shore and found by two children who were playing in the sand. CURIOUS answer: The note was lifted up by a wave, carried on it’s crescent and plunged to the ocean floor where a shark was swimming. I need to stop here.” There’s a lot of imagery going through my mind.”

Your child is not logical. They are curious. WHAT A GIFT! They need time to nourish those strengths or they will come home and say, “I don’t like school.” If they are given time to imagine they will LOVE school.

Let’s walk a little further into your child’s mind. We now see fascination. They get completely engrossed on a thought. There is so much to see in that thought. The thought is a flower. Logical: I see a yellow flower shaped like a rose. Fascination: I see a yellow flower (bright yellow) shaped like a rose (the outer petals are longer than the petals in the center; the top forms a cup; it smells like my mom’s perfume)

We must stop teaching the brilliant right brain child to the text and begin teaching to the child.

This will allow them a bright today; a new tomorrow and a future full of opportunities.

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