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Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment for children with learning disabilities

Students who struggle with reading fall behind grade level at an alarming rate. An assessment will quickly put your child on a path to success by pinpointing why your child is struggling and giving direction towards a plan of action that will ensure your child succeeds.

Our assessment examines the underlying cognitive and linguistic processes that support proficient reading in a child that might be showing signs of learning disabilities.

It also determines not only if a reading disorder exists, but also the underlying causes of it. After the completion of our assessment we will be able to select the appropriate intervention to remediate the reading disorder and help your child ride the way to success.

Our Assessment includes:


  • A comprehensive assessment of reading and related processes.
  • Comprises 15 individual subtests measuring various aspects of vocabulary, phonological awareness, decoding skills, rapid automatic naming, orthographical processing, morphological processing, word memory, reading fluency (word and story; silent and oral), and comprehension skills.
    An in-depth look at reading-related behaviors.
  • Interpretive Report provides scores for all 15 subtests and includes detailed interpretations of all the scores.
  • Provides targeted reading interventions that are based on current reading research and tailored to your child’s age and scores.

LEARNING ASSESSMENT $500 per student


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