Kindergarten Readiness Program - Professional Reading & Writing Tutors in Brielle, NJ
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Kindergarten Readiness Program

This program is not available for summer 2019.
Please view our Pathways to the Mind Program or the Summer Slide Program for this enrollment period.

Our Kindergarten Readiness Program is designed for 4 and 5 year olds, with the individual child in mind, to best prepare each child to successfully enter school and manage the job of kindergarten with confidence.

Does your child have trouble remembering letters?
Does your child have difficulty recalling sounds?
Are you concerned your child may not be prepared for kindergarten, or “The new first grade?”

Children entering kindergarten in the Fall are taught by a learning specialist who utilizes a curriculum designed to teach kindergarten readiness skills. Each child is given the opportunity to strengthen the foundations needed to successfully enter school and manage kindergarten.

Our learning specialists understand how critical it is that the foundation of development and learning be well integrated and efficient before entering kindergarten. They have an intimate understanding of each child’s learning styles. Our team adapts the right curriculum to create the just right challenge.

More evolved reading, writing and spelling rely upon foundational attention, memory, listening, language, visual and motor processing. Our program provides opportunity to grow in these areas as well as those of social learning, academic learning, gross and fine motor skill development, verbal communication, imagination and creativity.

Kindergarten Readiness Program students will:

  • identify letters and sounds
  • create a visual image of letters and sounds
  • write letters
  • put 3 letter sounds together to make a word
  • recognize and read 10 sight words: I, a, see, to, go, my, the, and, can, you
  • use sight words in sentences
  • make own books using sight words, pictures and 3 letter words
  • use beginning sounds, context clues and picture clues to read
  • develop auditory memory skills and listening skills
  • grasp a pencil and use scissors correctly developing fine motor coordination
  • follow directions correctly developing listening skills
  • work with a partner developing social skills
  • recognize rhyming words
  • recite rhymes
  • develop oral language and speech

Students will be immersed in a language rich environment that will support academic learning

Tuition and Schedule

Program begins the week of July 8 and ends the week of August 26. This program is not available for summer 2019.

Option 1: Tuesdays and Thursdays – 10am-11am
8 week program
$30/ hour payable monthly
$480/8 weeks
Option 2: Wednesdays – 10am-11am
8 week program
$30/ hour payable monthly
$240/8 weeks