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Complete Workbook Set, ebooks 1-7, Pathways of the Mind

Complete set of ebooks $190

The workbook series for the Pathways to the Mind program are comprehensive learning tools to teach essential reading skills. The ebooks take the student from basic to intermediate to advanced levels with consonants, vowels, vowel patterns, digraphs and dipthongs. There are more than 150 pages of material in this complete ebook set.

These workbooks are a digital download that will be accessible once your Jersey Shore Learning Center purchase is complete.

  • Workbook I explores Consonants.
  • Workbook II explores Short Vowels.
  • Workbook III explores “Digraphs & Dipthongs”.
  • Workbook IV explores Consonant Blends.
  • Workbook V explores “Brainy Questions.”
  • Workbook VI and Workbook VII explore main ideas in the series and other details.

Workbooks 1 through 7, ebook download link will be provided after the checkout process is complete.

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