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Workbook 2 Ebook – Pathways to the Mind – “Short Vowels”

Workbook II Short Vowels.

The second workbook in the Pathways to the Mind series, a comprehensive learning tool to teach essential reading skills.

Short vowels are taught using imagery. It is sometimes difficult for a student to differentiate the sounds /a/e/i/o/u/. Imagery allows for the student to use their creativity and senses to remember the sounds. Each sound is given meaning. The pictures were created with the “right brain thinker” in mind. The student will not only learn the sounds but will have fun doing so. Pictures create a dialogue between what is heard and seen with the brain. The pathways are activated so retention takes place. The eBook includes instructions on how to teach the short vowels. Using the flash cards in conjunction with the eBook will ensure the student is successful.

Workbook 2 of 7, ebook, will be available to download immediately after the checkout process is complete.

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