Workbook 3 Ebook - "Digraphs & Dipthongs" Pathways to the Mind - Professional Reading & Writing Tutors in Brielle, NJ
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Workbook 3 Ebook – “Digraphs & Dipthongs” Pathways to the Mind

Workbook III Digraphs & Dipthongs

The third workbook in the Pathways to the Mind series, a comprehensive learning tool to teach essential reading skills.

A digraph is two letters that make one sound (th) and a diphthong is two vowels that make a distinct sound (oi). Using imagery to teach the sounds reduces the distortion some students experience when having to process too many sounds at one time. The student only needs to focus on the target digraph or diphthong they are learning. The “Digraphs and Diphthongs” eBook has daily instructions to guide you when teaching the concept. The flash cards can be used along with the eBook to further reinforce what is being learned.

Workbook 3 of 7, ebook, will be available to download after the checkout process is complete.

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