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Jersey Shore Learning Center has benefited many children and their parents have been delighted with the results.

Hi Kathy….just wanted to tell you Lila retold me the whole story she read with you last night in great detail! She was really excited. Thanks for all the great work. She is really starting to get it:)”


Aimee C. Wall NJ

Hi Mary!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for everything. It is abittersweet the boys are graduating from the program this week but Ican’t say enough amazing things about the program and their teachers.

We are so blessed for the improvement the boys made and relationships wegained from the Center. I will always recommend you to families in thearea and speak so highly of everything you are doing for struggling kidsthat just need that extra help.

Tina and Sara are two of the most special women, teachers, and moms Ihave ever met. My boys will forever know how much heart and soul theyput into each lesson together. They are on this earth to change thelife of a child and thankful my boys were able to have their time andlove of learning.

Stay healthy xoxo
Kerry & Stu Patterso (John & Will )

“I met Mary Beth many years ago and knew right away she was the right person for my oldest who was struggling in reading. By the time I had her tested she was reading at a preschool level at the end of first grade. Mary Beth had her up to grade level by the second grade and has kept her there ever since.


When I noticed my twins struggling in preschool, I knew something was not right. At first, I changed schools to a more academic based program. This really magnified for me how far behind they already were. I had Mary Beth test them both and begin working with them. Within a few weeks their preschool teacher was amazed by the change.

Her curriculum that links both pictures and sounds to letters was just what they needed. Starting them off as early as I did made reading so much less of a struggle for them. They are ending the first grade reading and confident! I can’t explain in words how that compares to watching my oldest at this same point. When I sit them down and ask who really understands them and gets how they learn best the answer is always the same…Mary Beth and her staff. I can’t thank them enough.”


“We have been attending for almost a year. The coaches are very knowledgeable and know how to motivate my son. He started at a kindergarten reading level (and is in 3rd grade). He has now mastered his phonemic sounds and is reading at a mid-second grade level. His confidence is growing. He actually likes to read and can see his work playing off! Thank you Miss Marybeth and Miss Kathy!”


Karen Dieckman

“We’ve been going to the center for little over 1 year. Very nice and professional staff! Clean and organized place, recommend everyone with kids! My son is been going to Jersey Shore Learning Center in Brielle. He progressed well and shown remarkable attributes towards learning and reading.”


Danny Patel

“Jersey Shore Learning Center has made such an impact on our daughter’s (2nd grade) reading. As of June ’18, we started to accompany her IEP for reading (which she had) and has progressed so well that as of next year, she will no longer have the IEP. Her confidence has sky rocketed and she is learning skills and tools, that she just wasn’t getting at school, that are really sticking with her and making a world of a difference, all thanks to Ms. Kathy!


We have been so happy with Mary Beth, her team, and the program that we signed our 4th grader up for a confidence boast and extra learning tools as well (he did not qualify for an IEP). His teacher has been commenting on how he has improved immensely and that he is so much for confident with reading and has seen improvement in subjects across the board. Thank you Ms. Kelly!”

GinaMarie Mazzeo

“Mary Beth and her team and program really work. We came to her last year with our son Anthony he was having so much trouble with reading and writing. He use to break down and cry at homework and reading time. A neighbor referred us to Mary Beth and we learned our Anthony’s issue was he was a right brain learner. He has come so far since last year and took off with reading. Just found out yesterday he tested at reading level for his grade. His confidence has improved greatly since last year. We owe it all the Jersey Shore Learning Center program and Mary Beth. We couldn’t be happier with her program and Anthony loves seeing her too. I highly recommend the program.”


Michelle Falzone

“Mary Beth is amazing with my 8 year old son, both in her caring interaction and in her highly skilled reading training. Thank you Mary Beth.”


The Staats Family

“Mary Beth And her team changed my son’s life and mine. It is amazing how he is doing after he started her program. Thank you so much for your professionalism and caring. Also she really cares about the kids.”


Regiane S Hair

“MaryBeth is awesome!! Jacob loves working with her and his reading ability has greatly improved because of her!”


Amanda Hoepfner Blum