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Why Can’t My Child Read?

Is it that your child can’t read or won’t read? Do you hear these excuses over and over?

It’s boring. It isn’t any fun. It’s hard.

When you hear these words listen for the hidden message. “I DON’T LIKE TO READ.” You can change that. When taught to their strengths students flourish in reading.

“Imagine waking up one day and having everyone you encounter understand the ways in which you are unique and extraordinary. What if everyone viewed the things you did as needed contributions, and rather than looking for what is wrong with you, people pointed out what is right with you? If that happened, you would be super-charged. You would feel free and released from the burden of having to defend yourself. You would be psyched to jump out of bed and get to work. You would feel, well, strong. Wouldn’t it be nice if just one day of your life could be like that?” – from Your Child’s Strengths

I don’t have to read at home. I read all day in school.

Sounds like your child is looking for “a way out” of having to read. You can bring a love for reading into your child’s life.

“It has already been noted that schools put too much focus on their students’ weaknesses. If children spend all their time in remediation of their weaknesses, there won’t be time left over for them to develop strengths, and in the end all you have is a child who went from really bad at something to mediocre. Mediocrity is not enough to sustain a lifetime of meaningful work.” – Jenifer Fox, Head, Purnell School

I don’t have time to sit and stare at a book.

Are you hearing “I can’t read…or I won’t read?” Actually, your child CAN read. When the correct pathways are activated your child WILL read.

“For some children, learning to read via phonics is problematic. Unless their preferred sense is engaged, whether it is visual, auditory or kinesthetic, it will be harder than it need be. Listen to the language your child uses, be alert to their preferences for learning in other areas to see whether you may need to engage another sense or use some additional strategies to hook them into reading and give them some success.” -Thinking Ahead

I have better things to do.

Are you hearing “I’d rather not read now.” One of the most enjoyable activities is reading. Your child can ENJOY reading.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

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