Workbook 6 & 7 eBook – Pathways to the Mind – “Main Ideas & Details”

Workbook 6 & 7 Ebook – Pathways to the Mind – “Main Ideas & Details”

Workbook VI & VII main ideas & details – $40

The sixth and seventh workbook in the Pathways to the Mind series, a comprehensive learning tool to teach essential reading skills.

The main objective when teaching comprehension is to help the student get the gist or big picture of the story. This involves being able to identify the main idea and supporting details. Using pictures enables the beginning reader to give meaning to a story. They can use their creativity and imagination to understand what is being told. It is a fun way to not only build comprehension skills, but also increase memory skills. Using the comprehension flash cards along with the eBook is guaranteed to put the student on a path to success.

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